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New great scents and styles come out each month, why choose, when you can have a new box delivered to your doorevery month? Perfect gift for your daughter off at college, your BFF or yourself!

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Safe Ingredients Only

I strive to use the safest ingredients as possible. There are a few products (not all) that have preservatives added for two reasons: First, to protect you, the consumer from potential infection and also to prolong the shelf-life of the product by preventing contamination from spoiling microbes, yuck!

You don't like bacteria, yeast or fungi growing on your products and neither do we! Color variances may occur.


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    "Amazing natural products with fun seasonal fragrances. What's not to love?"

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    "The Soaps Have to be our family favorites. The smells are amazing!"

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    "The smell is not overpowering, The lather makes my skin feel fantastic!"

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    "A great way to relieve my anxiety with bath bombs and smells. "

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This goat's milk lotion is packed with amazing scents that will make you feel like royalty. Whether you're looking for a subtle scent or something more bold, we've got you covered. With our long-lasting formula, you'll be sure to enjoy your lotion all day long.

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Where Can You Get Blush Bath CO Products In Utah?

Blush Bath Can Be Found at any of these locations in Utah. Click the logo to view their website.